Monday, November 17, 2008

Mackeson Triple Stout

Mackeson XXX is one of those beers I've known about forever but can't recall trying. When I noticed that it is contract brewed in the US, I decided to give it a try. I used to brew an amber ale with lactose added to enhance the malt and add a fuller mouth feel. The Mackeson pours jet black, starts out with a punch of roasted barley reminiscent of a Baltic porter or imperial stout without the depth but ends quickly. Sweetness soon prevails over the roastiness. Nice creamy mouth feel no doubt a result of the lactose. Stuck in the middle; being too sweet for a session and not complex enough for a dessert beer. Kudos have to be given when large brewers adhere to tradition.

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Dorset Custom Furniture said...

Hi ... I noticed you left a comment on my blog and I checked out yours ,,, very nice. I'm a Guinness guy myself but on Saturday we went to a party where they had some Rock Art Extreme Stout on tap in a 5 gallon keg ... VERRY nice. I think they are a Burlington, VT based brewery and I had a couple bottles a couple different times last winter but the draft version was really good.
your brave to tackle all that upholstered stuff. It looks like fun. If you have a minute, send me an email so I have your address. I'm thinking of adding the reader/follower thing to my blog when I figure it out... Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. Some house eh? ... dan