Saturday, October 4, 2008


To my world of furniture making and beer which are two of my three favorite things in life. I often find myself, after a days play in the real world, in my garage wood shop and then finally relaxing with a real beer. I plan to rant about some of the projects that I am working on and hopefully rave about a beer or two(I am getting too old to go to three or four).

As far as woodworking goes, my interests are in eighteenth century furniture forms especially chair making. This is a Philadelphia wing chair frame that I finished today. I always begin with rough lumber. In the case of this chair, the cabriole leg with ball and claw foot and the rear legs are mahogany. The secondary wood which will be upholstered is soft maple and poplar. I will post some more pics on how I made this at a later time. I will also be talking about some of the cool tools that I have accumulated, many of them very old.

As far as beer goes, as long as it reaches me in good condition, I can appreciate all styles from light session beers to sour Belgians. Last night my wife and I shared a Maredsous 10 (triple) which is definitely on the list of best buys at less than $7 bottle in NJ. I was in the OBX for my vacation at the end of the summer and had a really good British style IPA that was reminiscent of a fullers esb and an excellent porter. They were made by St Georges brewing company of Virginia. St. Georges also had two Lagers, but lets just say they are a great ale brewery. The porter reminded me of some of the old Entire porter batches from Yards brewing(more on that later).

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