Saturday, October 4, 2008

What is your favorite beer?

I think it is kind of an interesting question; Over time beers from the same brewery change. Or is it your taste and taste bud maturity that causes change? The Sierra Nevada of the late 80's is not the Sierra of today. One of the greatest beers I ever had and certainly a turn on beer for me was champagne bottled Stoudts Gold in the late 80's. My memory of Stoudts Gold was that it had a luscious mouth feel, full malty hop balance, and superb drinkability. I can almost see the tiny bubbles rising in the glass as slowly as an Everest summit. While its still a good beer, its not quite the same experience. One of my favorite beer styles and one that I would like to see craft brewed is a Belgian style Scottish ale. Le Cheval Blanc of Canada used to make a tasty example. Scotch Silly is another fine example.

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ramblingroad said...

I am not a drinker...I can count on my fingers the times that I have tried an alcoholic drink in my lifetime and still have fingers left over. However, that said, on a whim, while waiting to be seated in a very crowded restaurant in Eureka Springs,Arkansas I tried "Fat Tire" which I loved! Only now the downside is that it is not available in my home state, Oklahoma. A liquor store owner informed me it is a fresh beer (ale?) that has to be kept refrigerated and coolers are not allowed in Oklahoma liquor stores. Why not? Who knows...So, to get to the point, are you familiar with "Fat Tire" and if so, can you recommend any others with a similar taste? I liked the mellow "non-beer-like" flavor of "Fat Tire". It was very subtle, yet smooth. And I want one right now...ah well, back to my workshop. Projects await.